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Disney feels the Bern: Sanders slams CEO’s $423mn bonus while staff struggle

By ethan / June 2, 2018

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took aim at Disney and ABC News on Twitter, delivering a stinging tweet that took aim at both corporate media self-censorship and Disney’s failure to adequately pay workers. “I have a feeling ABC will not be asking on its nightly news program tonight how Disney can make $ 9 billion in […]


Church Ltd? Clergy must stop acting like CEOs ‘chasing growth targets’

By ethan / November 14, 2017

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 19:15 The clergy should stop behaving like CEOs and resume their pastoral role of leading the faithful, the Dean of Christ Church has claimed. It comes amid increasing reports of the clergy stressing out in their attempt to get more people to attend church. Speaking to an audience at the […]

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