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New York cabbies challenge Uber, Lyft amid driver-suicide spike

By ethan / March 29, 2018

New York taxi drivers are calling for stricter regulation of ride-sharing services. Their protest comes after four cab drivers committed suicide over financial difficulties exacerbated by Uber and Lyft competition. Taxi drivers held an emergency protest outside City Hall on Wednesday following the recent suicide of Nicanor Ochisor, a 65-year-old yellow-taxi driver, who took his […]


Alibaba to challenge Amazon & Microsoft in Europe

By ethan / February 27, 2018

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has strengthened its computing presence in Europe, launching new cloud products around artificial intelligence (AI) and big data that have already been in use in other markets. One of the products allows users to take a photo of an item with Alibaba’s AI, which can then bring up the product on […]


Davos 2018: National cryptocurrencies to challenge bitcoin this year

By ethan / January 24, 2018

As long as people perceive bitcoin as digital gold, its price will go up, Universa CEO Alexander Borodich says. According to him, many countries would like to have their own centralized, official cryptocurrencies. Talking to RT on the sidelines of the Davos Economic Forum, Borodich said governments will definitely regulate cryptocurrencies. “From my perspective, they will […]


End of world? British scientists challenge UN global warming predictions

By ethan / January 18, 2018

Climate change predictions making alarming claims on Earth’s future have been challenged by a new study. Suggestions the planet’s surface will warm by 5° Celsius by 2100 are not realistic, according to a team of scientists. Read more Frightening climate change predictions by the UN would be void if the group from the University of […]


Challenge for US in Syria is bending Russia to its will – Senate hearing

By ethan / January 12, 2018

US troops will remain in Syria indefinitely in order to counter Iranian influence, a senior State Department official told the Senate. He acknowledged the success of this strategy depends on Russia seeing things the American way. President Donald Trump “has committed as a matter of strategy that we will not leave Syria,”  David Satterfield, acting […]


US court rejects challenge to Trump’s voter fraud commission

By ethan / December 27, 2017

An electronic privacy advocacy group is “not a voter” and lacks the standing to sue the Trump administration’s voter fraud commission over the collection of voter data, a federal judge has ruled. Judge Stephen Williams, of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled Tuesday that the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) could not show that […]

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