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National Guard commander challenges opposition figure Navalny to hand-to-hand fight

By ethan / September 11, 2018

The head of the Russian internal security agency has dismissed charges of graft and corruption made by Aleksey Navalny, calling the activist a “cloned US puppet” and challenging him to a hand-to-hand fight. “You have allowed insulting and slandering theorizing about me and it is not a habit among officers to simply forgive such things. […]


Putin talks past & future challenges, thanks incumbent cabinet ahead of inauguration

By ethan / May 7, 2018

Vladimir Putin has thanked the government for their efforts in overcoming past challenges, and briefly outlined future ones, in a meeting with a cabinet that will resign on Monday, the day of the Russian President’s inauguration. “It is important to maintain and develop such new approaches and, in general, to ensure the continuity in work, […]


‘Happy to watch her do my program’: Olympic champ Zagitova challenges US skater after criticism

By ethan / February 26, 2018

15-year-old Russian skating star and PyeongChang champion Alina Zagitova has challenged US skater Ashley Wagner to try and perform her Olympic program before she decides to criticize it. Speaking exclusively to RT’s Ilya Petrenko, Zagitova was asked to comment on the American figure skater Ashley Wagner, who lambasted her free-skating program in an overly emotional […]


‘Systemic failure of world order’: Kissinger & elder statesmen take on modern challenges

By ethan / January 25, 2018

In testimony before the Senate, national security strategists from the Nixon, Reagan and Bush administrations identified nuclear annihilation, climate change and emerging technologies as major challenges facing the US. Former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and George Shultz were joined at the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday by Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. […]


GM’s self-driving car challenges federal safety standards

By ethan / January 13, 2018

General Motors will soon unveil the self-driving Chevrolet Bolt, a car not equipped with pedals or a steering wheel, leaving control entirely to the vehicle’s AI. US regulations, however, may not be keeping pace. General Motors’ new driverless car will be showcased in a test batch in San Francisco ride-sharing fleets, and will be the […]


Russia-EU pork dispute: Moscow challenges ‘baseless’ EU trade sanctions demand

By ethan / January 8, 2018

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 21:08 Moscow has rejected an EU demand for €1.39 billion in compensation over a Russian pig and pork import ban by calling it “baseless.” The order will be challenged in a court of arbitration. Moscow has fulfilled all the requirements stipulated by the World Trade Organization (WTO) with regard to […]


‘Not propaganda’: RT’s Ed Schultz challenges Congress to summon him (VIDEO)

By ethan / November 2, 2017

RT America’s Ed Schultz tore into lawmakers who have alleged that RT America meddled in the 2016 presidential election. Schultz didn’t pull any punches, calling the Congressional investigation “disgraceful” and “unprofessional.” On Wednesday, Schultz ended his daily news show “The News With Ed Schultz,” with a response to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and its ranking […]

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