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Bay of Pigs, Cuba: CIA’s unlearned lesson in regime change

By ethan / April 17, 2018

The looming end of the Castro era in Cuba coincides this week with the 57th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion – a failed attack by the CIA that greatly catalyzed the Castro approach to resisting American encroachment. On Thursday, Raul Castro, the 86-year-old brother of the late Fidel, will step down as the […]


All change? Russians divided over expectations following presidential vote

By ethan / April 2, 2018

Almost half of all Russians expect major national changes within the next year, following the March presidential election. The overwhelming majority of those expecting changes said they would be for the better. According to the results of a recent poll by the state-run research center VTSIOM, 45 percent of Russians “expect significant changes in the […]


Norway’s politically correct Statoil wants to change name to exclude ‘oil’

By ethan / March 15, 2018

Norway’s state oil company has decided to remove ‘oil’ from its name. Statoil is now Equinor as the firm says it’s looking to extend its business beyond oil and gas production, which it plans to continue. Read more “The world is changing, and so is Statoil. The biggest transition our modern-day energy systems have ever […]


American gymnastics coach & club owner arrested for filming kids in change rooms

By ethan / March 14, 2018

American coach and Wind Lake Gymnastic Center owner, James Kivisto, has been arrested on charges of secretly taping children while they were changing in the club’s bathroom. On Tuesday, a parent informed the local police that a hidden camera was found in the bathroom, prompting detectives to immediately execute a search warrant for the club […]


Walmart, Dick’s sued for age discrimination over gun sale policy change

By ethan / March 6, 2018

Just weeks after two of America’s biggest retailers changed their policies to sell guns only to people aged 21 and over, they’re facing an age discrimination lawsuit. The changes were made following the Parkland school shooting. Oregon man Tyler Watson filed lawsuits against both Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart after he was refused service when […]


Sorry, Washington? New poll says Iranians want jobs, not regime change

By ethan / February 16, 2018

The US and some Western media eagerly claimed that Iranians who took to the streets in December 2017 were ‘fed up’ with their ‘oppressive’ government – but a new poll suggests that their theory may be half-baked. Read more In a recent survey conducted by the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland and […]


No regrets? UK university blocks ‘politically incorrect’ research into sex change reversal

By ethan / February 10, 2018

A UK university that blocked research into the negative effects and possible regrets after sex change surgery told RT the proposal was refused because of its methodology rather than the sensitivity of the transgender topic. James Caspian, a psychotherapist working with transgender people, wanted to write a thesis on “detransition” of transgender people back to […]


Half of US military bases affected by climate change – Pentagon report

By ethan / February 1, 2018

Climate change in the form of flooding, storm surges, wildfires or droughts is affecting 50 percent of 1,684 US military sites worldwide, according to a Pentagon study. “Changes in climate can potentially shape the environment in which we operate and the missions we are required to do,” said the US Department of Defense in a […]

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