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Hacker selling US military documents online…because someone forgot to change a default password

By ethan / July 11, 2018

Sensitive military documents have been put up for sale in online hacking forums after someone forgot to change a default password, according to a security firm that discovered the breach. Documents for sale include maintenance manuals for servicing MQ-9 Reaper drones, training manuals describing deployment tactics for improvised explosive devices (IEDs), documents detailing tank platoon […]


Blunderful Giuliani says US wants to change regime in Iran

By ethan / June 30, 2018

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has once again risked the wrath of the US State Department, by suggesting that the president’s decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran is aimed at bringing about regime change. Addressing an event organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a Paris-based exile group, the gaffe-prone former […]


'The moment to change has arrived': Zidane steps down as Real Madrid manager

By ethan / May 31, 2018

Zinedine Zidane has shockingly resigned as Real Madrid manager, days after guiding the Spanish giants to an unprecedented third successive Champions League title. The decision was made with club officials on Thursday morning. Zidane called a news conference just an hour-and-a-half before announcing his decision, in which he said: “I have taken the decision to not continue going […]


US will promise N. Korea's Kim Jong-un it will not seek regime change – Pompeo

By ethan / May 14, 2018

The US will have to assure North Korea it won’t seek to undermine its leader Kim Jong-un, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has implied. That comes after years of slamming him as a dictator and squeezing his country with sanctions. With less than a month left before the hugely-anticipated talks between US President Donald Trump […]


Trump & Bolton call for regime change in Iran even as they speak of peace

By ethan / May 11, 2018

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton says the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is not a step towards a policy of regime change in Tehran. His own record and President Donald Trump’s words suggest otherwise. Those who believe that pulling out of the nuclear deal is a precursor for US boots on […]


That’s just Rudi: State Dept disowns Trump lawyer's comment on regime change in Iran

By ethan / May 8, 2018

The US State Department has been forced to publicly distance itself from the US President’s old friend and new lawyer, Rudi Giuliani. He stirred controversy last weekend by saying the US leader is planning regime change in Iran. “[Giuliani] speaks for himself and not on behalf of the administration on foreign policy,” State Department spokesperson […]

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