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Copa Libertadores game abandoned as Brazilian fans riot over changed result

By ethan / August 29, 2018

The Copa Libertadores game between Brazilian club Santos and Independiente of Argentina was abandoned on Tuesday night after the home crowd rioted in apparent fury at a penalty imposed on their team just hours before kick-off. Despite the first leg of the tie ending 0-0 in Argentina last week, Santos were told by the South […]


Trump boasts he changed Macron’s stance on Iran deal

By ethan / April 26, 2018

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that his hardline approach may have changed how French President Emmanuel Macron views Iran, and credited that same approach with bringing North Korea to the negotiating table. “He is viewing Iran a lot differently than he did before he walked into the Oval Office,” Trump said. “He understands where […]


Why Trump has changed his tune on Syria explained in 2-minute VIDEO

By ethan / April 11, 2018

President Trump, once a vocal critic of US military involvement in Syria, has taken to Twitter to warn Damascus and Moscow about incoming “smart” missiles. Is Trump’s slumping popularity a factor in his stunning policy reversal? With approval ratings that struggle to stay above 40 percent, President Donald Trump may see military strikes in Syria […]


13yo boy who shot himself in school bathroom planned massacre, but changed his mind

By ethan / March 2, 2018

A 13-year-old student from Massillon, Ohio who shot himself in the head last week was initially planning a school shooting. Police have revealed evidence from the boy’s cellphone. Jackson Middle School student Keith Simons, 13, was found dead in one of the school bathrooms with a semi-automatic rifle. The seventh-grader first left the bathroom with […]

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