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Adrian Lamo, hacker who reported Chelsea Manning to FBI, dies aged 37

By ethan / March 17, 2018

Hacker Adrian Lamo has died aged 37. The Colombian-American gained notoriety after reporting whistleblower Chelsea Manning to US authorities in 2010. Mario Lamo, the hacker’s father, revealed the news of his son’s death in a Facebook post on Friday. “With great sadness and a broken heart I have to let know all of Adrian’s friends […]


Chelsea Manning drops in to pro-Trump party in New York (PHOTO)

By ethan / January 21, 2018

Chelsea Manning has made a shock appearance at an event celebrating the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, organized by the alt-right movement’s biggest media personalities. The ‘Night for Freedom’, which was billed as a celebration of “life, culture, music and mindset,” was hosted by conservative commentator Mike Cernovich in New York. Cernovich’s fellow conservatives […]


Chelsea Manning – 'A threat to the establishment’

By ethan / January 17, 2018

Manning is a threat to the status quo, and the establishment is going to unleash every dirty trick to try and suggest that she’s not a real candidate, Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee said. US whistleblower and former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning announced she will be running for a seat […]


Chelsea Manning’s Senate bid: Cause for celebration or criminal Democrat candidate?

By ethan / January 15, 2018

Chelsea Manning exposed evidence of crimes against humanity, and as such she should be celebrated, not criticized, ex-CIA analyst John Kiriakou says. However, political commentator John Griffing argues Manning is a traitor. Former whistleblower and US Army soldier Chelsea Manning confirmed on January 14 she will run for the US Senate seat in the state […]


‘Yup, we’re running’: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning confirms bid for Maryland Senate seat

By ethan / January 14, 2018

Chelsea Manning, one of the most well-known US whistleblowers – jailed for leaking military documents on abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan – confirmed her bid for the US Senate, releasing a campaign video and calling for donations. The whistleblower has shared her campaign vid on Twitter, captioned “yup, we’re running for senate,” confirming earlier reports […]


Whistleblower Chelsea Manning files to run for US Senate seat in Maryland

By ethan / January 14, 2018

Chelsea Manning, the former US Army soldier who was jailed for passing thousands of government documents to WikiLeaks exposing American military abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan, has filed to run for the US Senate seat in Maryland. Manning, who had her 35-year sentence commuted by former President Barack Obama in May last year, declared her […]

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