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Trump tries to woo Merkel with his Macron moves, but no chemistry there

By ethan / April 28, 2018

Trump’s “hands-on” approach to interacting with Macron did not have the desired effect during Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House. The German chancellor showed little interest in getting physical with the US president. Trump ignited a firestorm of snarky comments and memes earlier this week after numerous photographs documented, in terrifying detail, his “bromance” […]


Different mindset with Tillerson, good chemistry with Pompeo – Trump

By ethan / March 13, 2018

US President Donald Trump has said he had “chemistry” with the CIA Director Mike Pompeo, but didn’t see eye to eye with Rex Tillerson. Pompeo has replaced Tillerson as Secretary of State. “I worked with Mike Pompeo for quite some time,” Trump told journalists following his decision. He added that he was “always on the […]


Phone addiction can mess up brain chemistry, study finds

By ethan / December 14, 2017

Being addicted to smartphones can create chemical changes in the brain, which may be linked to depression and anxiety in young people, a study suggests. Scientists at Korea University found that teenagers who obsessively used their mobile devices scored higher on standardized tests that detect mental disorders. The test measured how much internet and smartphone […]


‘No chemistry’: Obama & Clinton tried and failed to make friends with Putin, Trump says

By ethan / November 11, 2017

Donald Trump has branded the ‘Russian election meddling’ rhetoric a “Democratic hit job,” saying, that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton just “didn’t have the chemistry” to build good relations with Vladimir Putin, because, you know, “there is a talent to that.” Following three brief encounters between the Russian and US presidents on the grounds […]

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