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Burger King Russia facing probe over reports of unsolicited user data collection

By ethan / August 2, 2018

Russia’s state internet watchdog says it will launch an investigation into the Burger King fast food franchise after customers complained about the company’s attempts to collect their personal data. “We have included Burger King into our inspections plan for the next year. All consumers’ complaints that did not fall under our responsibilities were forwarded to […]


Europe facing beer shortage crisis with hot World Cup summer in full swing

By ethan / June 27, 2018

A Europe-wide shortage of food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) could put meat and fizzy-drink supplies under pressure – right in the middle of the World Cup and peak season for summer barbecues. Supply chains at major fizzy-drink manufacturers and poultry producers across the UK were disrupted by the gas shortage, while some retailers have had to […]


Soros: EU facing major financial crisis, but I've a plan to save Europe

By ethan / May 29, 2018

A surging dollar and capital flight from emerging markets may lead to another “major” financial crisis, veteran investor George Soros has warned the EU. Speaking in Paris on Tuesday at a meeting organized by think tank the European Council on Foreign Relations, he said that the European Union is facing an imminent existential threat. “Everything […]


Doctor facing first female genital mutilation case in US has sex charge dropped

By ethan / January 16, 2018

A federal judge has dismissed the most serious charge of ‘criminal sexual activity’ against a Michigan doctor charged in the first female genital mutilation (FGM) case in the US. US District Court Judge Bernard A. Friedman dropped the count – the most severe charge Dr Jumana Nagarwala was facing as it carried a sentence of […]


Apple facing legal battle in Russia over slowing down older iPhones

By ethan / January 15, 2018

A group of plaintiffs in Russia is reportedly planning to take Apple to court after the company admitted it had been reducing the processing speed of aging iPhones. The first lawsuits from Russian consumers are set to be filed this week, according to consulting lawyers at National Legal Finance Group (NLF) and Lex Borealis, as […]

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