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‘Fake news’ v ‘alternative facts’? Libertarian presidential hopeful on Facebook censorship

By ethan / September 7, 2018

Facebook’s strategy to provide “alternative facts” to combat “fake news” will only result in political censorship that will cater for the interests of the Democratic Party, the Libertarians’ presidential hopeful told RT. The world’s largest social media platform is now focusing its efforts on serving millions of their users with “alternative facts,” Facebook COO Sheryl […]


Why sanctions don’t work – RT’s Keiser Report lays out the facts

By ethan / May 7, 2018

Published time: 7 May, 2018 12:56 The global economy has become so internationalized that sanctions again one country lead to economic problems in the other, say Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of Keiser Report. They explain why financial blockades don’t work. The hosts also discuss why US President Donald Trump’s unpredictability can be good for […]

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