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No more science for you: Liquid nitrogen experiment fail caught on camera (VIDEO)

By ethan / September 4, 2018

The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas is beloved by locals and known for its hands-on approach to science education. However, things got a little out of hand at a recent event combining magic and science. At the museum’s Science After Dark: Wizards, Muggles and Science, Harry-Potter themed science event, exhibitors were closing their […]


Facial recognition fail: Amazon project mistakes lawmakers with suspects

By ethan / July 26, 2018

Amazon’s facial recognition tool wrongly identified 28 members of Congress as police suspects, disproportionately matching lawmakers of color with the mugshots, according to the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) used Amazon’s powerful image ID software, Rekognition, to compare photos of members of Congress to a database of 25,000 police suspects. We used Amazon’s […]


Clinton’s trolling fail: Hillary mocked for taunting Trump before Putin summit

By ethan / July 16, 2018

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a shot at President Donald Trump on the eve of his much-anticipated meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, questioning the latter’s loyalty. Twitter responded. “Great World Cup,” Clinton tweeted, before deploying a clumsy metaphor to question Trump’s loyalty. “Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you […]


Trump’s tariffs likely to fail under global anger – Nobel Prize-winning economist

By ethan / June 26, 2018

Corporate tax cuts introduced by US President Donald Trump earlier this year might remain, but tariffs against trading partners are likely to be a different story, according to Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Shiller. “They are generating so much anger around the world. It’s not a sustainable policy,” Shiller told CNBC, stressing that the tariffs […]


Bayer's desperate bid to rehabilitate Monsanto will fail – experts to RT

By ethan / June 7, 2018

As Bayer takes over Monsanto to create the world’s biggest agrochemicals firm, the German pharmaceuticals company’s problems are just beginning, experts tell RT. While the merged company will lose the Monsanto name, Bayer will be inheriting each and every lawsuit attached to the company. Around 4,000 suits have been filed against Monsanto in the US […]


The art of the fail: Trump may be forced into embarrassing U-turn on TPP

By ethan / April 14, 2018

Donald Trump’s announcement this week that his administration would consider re-entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is seen by many as a token gesture at best and an embarrassing climb-down at worst. Economist and CEO Michael Pento and Asia-Pacific strategic and economic policy specialist Sourabh Gupta spoke to about both the motivations […]

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