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Trump threatens credentials of ‘fake news’ networks over negative coverage

By ethan / May 9, 2018

US President Donald Trump threatened news networks with having their credentials revoked on Wednesday morning, as he took to Twitter to complain about negative coverage of his administration. “The Fake News is working overtime. Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy & all things else, 91% of the Network […]


NBC eats another fake news sandwich after correcting explosive ‘wiretap’ story

By ethan / May 4, 2018

NBC has walked back an explosive story claiming that President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen had his phones tapped by federal investigators. The high-profile gaffe is the network’s latest adventure in bungled reporting. NBC issued an on-air correction late Thursday afternoon, citing three unnamed US officials who disputed an earlier claim made by the network […]


New York Times issues fake-news correction in article about fake news

By ethan / April 25, 2018

The New York Times was forced to issue a lengthy correction after it published a false statement in an article about “fake news” on Facebook. In an article about Facebook’s Head of News Partnerships Campbell Brown, NYT journalist Nellie Bowles originally wrote that news about the Palestinian Authority paying rewards to the families of jihadists […]


As WaPo & NYT win Pulitzers for ‘Russiagate’ coverage, Mueller warns of fake news

By ethan / April 17, 2018

Newspapers openly opposed to President Donald Trump were just honored with prestigious US media awards for their “Russiagate” coverage, even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller warned about fake news about his probe. The Pulitzer Prize is named after a 19th-century media mogul Joseph Pulitzer, a pioneer of yellow journalism who endowed a graduate school of […]


Duma gives nod to bill on multimillion-ruble fake news fines

By ethan / April 12, 2018

The Russian lower house has passed in the first reading a bill that counters internet fake news by ordering fines of up to 50 million rubles (US$ 800,000) for refusal to delete illegal, false or slandering information. Once the bill is passed into law, all owners of “public networks” or websites that attract over 100,000 […]


Russia may make users personally responsible for spreading fake news on internet

By ethan / April 10, 2018

Russian MPs have prepared a bill that could allow state agencies to block messengers and social networks that refuse to delete fake news. The legislation would also make users personally responsible for spreading such material. The draft bill, prepared by lawmakers from the United Russia party and published on the government’s website for discussion, imposes […]

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