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Teen fakes her own kidnapping to get $400 from father

By ethan / August 16, 2018

A Kentucky teenager has been accused of going to extreme lengths to get some spending money from her father. Police say she staged her own kidnapping and demanded a $ 400 ransom. Mark Farley of Corbin, Kentucky went to the police to report his 19-year-old daughter Abbygail missing on Monday. The following day he is […]


Tunisia goalkeeper ‘fakes injury’ to allow players to break Ramadan fast

By ethan / June 4, 2018

Tunisian football goalkeeper Mouez Hassen has apparently been caught out feigning injury in his nation’s last two matches to allow a break in play so that his teammates can end their Ramadan fast. Hassen was seen in the two recent friendly matches against Portugal and Turkey going down on the pitch at around sundown, with […]

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