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Bitcoin implosion could ‘spill over’ into stock market – Wells Fargo

By ethan / December 26, 2017

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 09:17 Stocks could easily get dragged into chaos if the cryptocurrency boom goes bust, according to Wells Fargo Securities, which warns the unusual activity in the crypto market could lead to one of the most epic bubbles of all time. Read more “There is a significant amount of froth in […]


Navajo Nation sues ‘predatory’ Wells Fargo for $50mn

By ethan / December 14, 2017

The Navajo Nation is suing Wells Fargo for $ 50 million, saying the bank used “unlawful practices” to trick its members. The suit comes on the heels of a new study suggesting the tribe could benefit from evolving energy markets. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in New Mexico on Wednesday. The […]

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