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‘I’m not racist’: Donald Trump would apologize over retweet of far-right Britain First (if asked)

By ethan / January 26, 2018

US President Donald Trump said he would apologize for retweeting Islamophobic videos by far-right group Britain First if he was asked to, adding he is “often the least racist person” anyone could ever meet. The president came under fire in November after sharing anti-Muslim videos from the group’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen’s Twitter page. Talking […]


Hotel shamed after hosting far-right Britain First party conference

By ethan / December 5, 2017

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 09:57 Edited time: 5 Dec, 2017 09:59 A Bedfordshire hotel faced strong criticism for hosting the conference of far-right party Britain First over the weekend. The resort, which says it was duped into holding the event, was accused of “poor judgement” for providing a venue for the party. The Wyboston […]


Twitter strips Tommy Robinson & other far-right users of coveted blue tick

By ethan / November 16, 2017

Prominent members of the far right including former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson have been stripped of their blue-tick verification badge on Twitter. Robinson tweeted the “quisling elite censor us because they know they can’t refute us.” Twitter announced new guidelines for blue ticks, saying users can lose their status if they “promote […]


Far-right extremists ‘milking’ UK’s political correctness on Islamists – former govt adviser

By ethan / November 3, 2017

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 12:58 Political correctness is feeding far-right and Islamic extremism, according to a former government adviser. Dame Louise Casey said the failure to address the inequality and segregation of the Muslim community is empowering “horrible far-right tactics.” “In our desire to embrace diversity we are creating division,” said Casey, the government’s […]


Far-right ‘Identitarian’ movement aiming to launch UK branch, but who are they?

By ethan / October 23, 2017

A far-right movement which has united young nationalists from Canada, the US and across the European Union, resulting in shocking, often hostile anti-migration campaigns, is plotting to set up shop in the UK. Read more Génération Identitaire rose to notoriety when it blocked the roads to the Calais migrant camp and attempted to block a […]

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