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Trump’s tariffs likely to fail under global anger – Nobel Prize-winning economist

By ethan / June 26, 2018

Corporate tax cuts introduced by US President Donald Trump earlier this year might remain, but tariffs against trading partners are likely to be a different story, according to Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Shiller. “They are generating so much anger around the world. It’s not a sustainable policy,” Shiller told CNBC, stressing that the tariffs […]


Bye-bye Nobel Prize: US reacts to Trump-Kim summit cancellation

By ethan / May 24, 2018

With the abrupt cancellation of a much-vaunted summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, peace on the Korean peninsula has been postponed. So too has Trump’s shot a Nobel Peace Prize, it seems. The suggestion that Donald Trump could win a Nobel Peace Prize was a laughable one last year, as […]


Victory is ‘only prize I want’: Trump laughs off Nobel question (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 9, 2018

US President Donald Trump played Mr. Modesty, laughing off a question about getting the Nobel Peace Prize and saying that while “everyone thinks” he deserves one, he’s only interested in negotiating a nuclear-free Korea. Following a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Trump was asked by a reporter if he believes himself worthy of a Nobel. “Everyone […]


American IOC member offers to nominate joint Korean team for Nobel Peace Prize

By ethan / February 12, 2018

American senior member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Angela Ruggiero, says she is looking to campaign to include the joint Korean ice hockey team in the list of Nobel Peace Prize nominees. Ruggiero, who won four Olympic medals together with the US women’s hockey squad, including the gold at the 1998 Games in Nagano, […]


‘Internet shouldn’t be accessible to just anyone:’ Russian Nobel Prize winner

By ethan / February 12, 2018

Russian Communist Party MP and Nobel Prize-winner Zhores Alferov has urged restrictions on internet access, saying unlimited access to information can harm people’s morals and mental health. “The internet must have limitations and it must not be available to everyone,” Alferov stated in a recent interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily. He went on to explain […]

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