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Crimean lawmakers seek to remove ‘none of the above’ candidate Sobchak from presidential race

By ethan / February 26, 2018

Lawmakers from a district council in Sevastopol have asked the Central Elections Commission to exclude candidate Kseniya Sobchak from the upcoming election due to her allegation that “Crimea is Ukrainian.” RIA Novosti quoted the head of the municipal council of Sevastopol’s Nakhimovsky District, Mikhail Britsyn, as saying that the request was passed by a unanimous […]


Ex-defense sec labels Russia, China “murderous regimes” – but George Galloway is having none of it

By ethan / February 23, 2018

Firebrand politician George Galloway accused ex-Tory MP Michael Portillo of conveniently overlooking Saudi Arabia’s crimes, when Portillo tried to criticize Galloway for not opposing trade relations with Russia and China. Sitting down together on BBC’s This Week program, the duo butted heads over trade deals, with Galloway told he was overlooking Russia; glossing over the […]


‘Alternative communist’ & ‘none of the above’ registered as Russian presidential candidates

By ethan / February 8, 2018

Russia’s Central Elections Commission has issued candidates’ certificates to Ksenia Sobchak, who earlier described herself as a protest candidate, and Maksim Suraikin, representing the radical leftist Communists of Russia party. Both Sobchak and Suraikin are running as candidates from political parties with no parliamentary representation, which means they had to prove their popularity among voters […]


Pleasing none of the people: Hammond prepares biggest budget in a generation

By ethan / November 22, 2017

As Chancellor Philip Hammond prepares to deliver one of the most anticipated budgets in recent memory, he will do well to remember the adage: you can’t please all of the people all of the time. With a Brexit divorce bill growing by the day, an increasing deficit and a public jaded by austerity, Hammond faces […]

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