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‘Knows nothing about treason’: Brennan called out for anti-Trump grandstanding

By ethan / July 17, 2018

Ex-CIA chief John Brennan was among the first on Twitter to slam President Trump for his press conference performance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Brennan has a history of questionable political decisions himself. After the much-anticipated Helsinki summit on Monday, Presidents Trump and Putin faced the press. Trump declined to goad his Russian counterpart […]


Price-hiking pharma co. paid $1.2 mn to Trump’s lawyer for doing nothing

By ethan / May 10, 2018

The disclosure that the pharmaceutical giant Novartis paid over $ 1 million to President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen may not be a scandal Trump’s foes hope for, but it may help answer why drug prices are so high. Novartis, AT&T and Korea Aerospace Industries were named as companies that had contracted Cohen’s consulting company […]


US learned nothing from Iraq war – Ron Paul

By ethan / March 21, 2018

The US must learn from its mistakes and stop interfering in the Middle East, former US congressman Ron Paul has told RT America’s Ed Schultz. He said the US military had no more right to be in Syria than it had in Iraq. On the 15th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, ostensibly in […]

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