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Notes of nuclear? Fukushima radioactivity found in California wine

By ethan / July 20, 2018

Radioactive levels are increasing in wine from California’s Napa Valley, thanks to the radioactive cloud that drifted from the Fukushima disaster in 2011. Researchers from the University of Bordeaux Centre d’Études Nucléaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan (CNRS) in France tested California wine from before and after the Fukushima disaster and found there was double the amount of […]


The downfall of US nuclear power

By ethan / July 15, 2018

A new, shocking report discovered that the US nuclear power industry could be on the verge of a collapse — a reality that many have yet to realize. The report was issued by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP), Harvard University, and the University of California San Diego School […]


Russia to build new nuclear power units in China

By ethan / July 4, 2018

Moscow and Beijing may sign agreements to build two more nuclear power units in China, according to Russia’s state nuclear power corporation Rosatom. “We’ve signed new intergovernmental accords with our Chinese partners for construction of the sixth and seventh Tianwan units and on provision of a new site for us,” said Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev […]


Moscow warns against premature steps in universal nuclear disarmament

By ethan / June 14, 2018

Any steps aimed at reducing the quantity of nuclear warheads and their carriers must be taken in conjunction with global nuclear disarmament under strict international control, deputy Russian foreign minister has said. Moscow considers that it is too early to start the process of universal nuclear disarmament and urges maximum sobriety and realism in approaching […]


Russia seeks to restore nuclear energy cooperation with US

By ethan / June 1, 2018

Moscow is still interested in nuclear energy cooperation with Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a meeting with Ernest Moniz, former United States Secretary of Energy. Read more “During your tenure as US Secretary of Energy, Russia and the US signed the so-called 123 Agreement for Cooperation in the Field of Peaceful Uses […]


Russia & France to talk nuclear energy partnership in third-party countries

By ethan / May 23, 2018

Russian and French power companies are considering joint nuclear projects in third-party countries, says Russia’s Rosatom.The talks will take place during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this week. Read more “During the ‘nuclear dialogue’ the sides are expected to present the joint projects on cooperation in third countries in such areas as engineering and […]


World's first floating nuclear power plant reaches Russia's Arctic for maiden mission

By ethan / May 21, 2018

The first sea-borne nuclear power plant made in Russia has been towed to the country’s Arctic port of Murmansk, ready to undertake its first mission, generating electricity in remote locations. The water-borne power plant, named Akademik Lomonosov, was built by the state-run nuclear corporation Rosatom in St. Petersburg. The new vessel is set to pioneer […]


Trump seems to think he's killed Iran nuclear deal

By ethan / May 14, 2018

US President Donald Trump has tweeted a statement suggesting that the Iran nuclear deal, an internationally acclaimed multilateral accord, is a thing of the past. That is despite all other signatories reaffirming their commitment. In a tweet on Sunday, Trump lauded his own decision to opt out of the landmark agreement reached between the US, […]

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