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Flood waters leave workers stranded at North Carolina nuclear plant

By ethan / September 18, 2018

Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina declared a state of emergency after flood waters cut off the plant and left 300 workers cut off from the outside world. The plant is located about 30 miles south of Wilmington, four miles inland from the Atlantic coast. Hurricane Florence pounded North Carolina on Friday, bringing historic amounts […]


Russia's Rosatom starts loading fuel into reactor of Chinese nuclear power plant

By ethan / August 27, 2018

Nuclear fuel-loading has started at the fourth power unit of the Tianwan nuclear power plant (NPP) in China, according to Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. It’s the biggest joint NPP project between the nations. “On August 25 at 7:20pm (2:20pm Moscow time), the first fuel assembly was loaded into the active zone of the […]


South Africa has no money for crucial nuclear energy project

By ethan / July 26, 2018

South Africa is interested in realizing a large-scale nuclear project with Russia. However, the country does not have the funds to do so. Read more The nuclear project was prioritized by former President Jacob Zuma, but new South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who came to power in February, ditched the project. “Once we are clear […]


Nuclear watchdog warns of radioactive leak at South Carolina fuel factory

By ethan / July 25, 2018

Radioactive uranium has leaked through a three-inch hole in the the floor at a nuclear fuel factory in South Carolina, contaminating the soil below the plant, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission says according to local media. According to the commission the hole is six feet down into the soil below the Westinghouse factory’s concrete floor. While […]


Notes of nuclear? Fukushima radioactivity found in California wine

By ethan / July 20, 2018

Radioactive levels are increasing in wine from California’s Napa Valley, thanks to the radioactive cloud that drifted from the Fukushima disaster in 2011. Researchers from the University of Bordeaux Centre d’Études Nucléaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan (CNRS) in France tested California wine from before and after the Fukushima disaster and found there was double the amount of […]


The downfall of US nuclear power

By ethan / July 15, 2018

A new, shocking report discovered that the US nuclear power industry could be on the verge of a collapse — a reality that many have yet to realize. The report was issued by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP), Harvard University, and the University of California San Diego School […]


Russia to build new nuclear power units in China

By ethan / July 4, 2018

Moscow and Beijing may sign agreements to build two more nuclear power units in China, according to Russia’s state nuclear power corporation Rosatom. “We’ve signed new intergovernmental accords with our Chinese partners for construction of the sixth and seventh Tianwan units and on provision of a new site for us,” said Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev […]

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