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Nimble bat scares Trump rally ahead of Halloween (VIDEO)

By ethan / October 2, 2018

A winged creature of the night hilariously gatecrashed a rally for President Donald Trump with the bat stirring up chaos amongst the crowd. Police were even forced to swoop in to contain one of Count Dracula’s minions. With ‘Make America Great Again’ supporters turning out to see the president speak in Johnson City, Tennessee, the […]


Russophobia digest: 5 top Russia scares launched by MSM this week

By ethan / July 22, 2018

Russia has lately been accused of numerous deadly sins, as politicians and media throw around scary-sounding but unverified stories and opinions. To help you plot a course in the roiling sea of Russophobia, RT has compiled a list. With the Helsinki summit between US President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin hitting the news on […]

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