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Schwarzenegger slams ‘wet noodle’ & ‘little fanboy’ Trump after Putin meeting

By ethan / July 17, 2018

Hollywood star and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has lambasted US President Donald Trump, accusing him of failing to live up to Ronald Reagan’s legacy during a meeting with his Russian counterpart. Schwarzenegger is one of many US public figures to criticize Trump for his media conference performance after meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. […]


‘I’m back,’ says Arnold Schwarzenegger first thing after heart surgery

By ethan / March 31, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger channeled the Terminator in his first breath after waking up from heart surgery. “Schwarzenegger is awake and his first words were actually ‘I’m back,’ so he is in good spirits,” his spokesperson, Daniel Ketchell, said on Twitter. The former California governor underwent a heart valve replacement surgery on Thursday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center […]


Schwarzenegger, Weinstein and #MeToo mocked in ‘Twins’ street art (PHOTOS)

By ethan / March 16, 2018

Street artist Sabo has covered Los Angeles with spoof film posters targeting Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement. The artist says he wanted to highlight their hypocrisy. The posters were inspired by the film ‘Twins,’ starring Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, and they show the former governor of California alongside a diminutive version of […]


Schwarzenegger wants to sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’

By ethan / March 13, 2018

Movie star, former California governor and global environmental activist Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he is taking oil companies to court “for knowingly killing people all over the world.” “This is no different from the smoking issue. The tobacco industry knew for years and years and years and decades, that smoking would kill people, would […]

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