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‘Russians are coming for the Boy Scouts’ says professor in warning to Americans

By ethan / September 20, 2018

Not content with (alleged) efforts to destroy US democracy through election interference in 2016, Russia is now “likely” targeting American civic society groups like the Boy Scouts and local charities, a professor has suggested. “It may be hard to imagine Russia going after the Boy Scouts,” Susan Landau, a professor at Tufts University, wrote in […]


Twitter meltdown after Boy Scouts announces ‘gender neutral’ name change

By ethan / May 3, 2018

Boy Scouts of America has announced it will soon be dropping ‘Boy’ from the organization’s name, sending Twitter into outrage and disbelief. Critics of the name change say America’s young men are being intentionally emasculated. With girls soon to be allowed to join the organization, the Boy Scouts will officially become known as Scouts BSA […]


Tough cookies: Girl Scouts defeat gun-wielding gang in botched robbery

By ethan / March 12, 2018

A group of Girl Scouts were the victims of an attempted armed robbery in Tacoma, Washington. The girls were selling cookies outside a store when two men pulled a gun on them. The Girl Scouts were outside a Fred Meyer store when the incident occurred at about 6.20 pm on Saturday, police spokeswoman Loretta Cool […]


Citing N. Korean threat, Pentagon scouts West Coast missile defense locations

By ethan / December 4, 2017

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 20:19 The Pentagon is scouting locations on the US West Coast for deploying missile defense systems, in a bid to counter the threat of a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile attack, according to two Congressmen. The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is currently looking for the right place to install missile […]

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