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Duma committee scraps bill equating longtime cohabitation to marriage

By ethan / May 23, 2018

The Russian Lower House committee for family women and children has spoken against a proposal to equate cohabitation for five years or more to official marriage, saying it would contradict the state policy on family values. The bill was drafted in January this year by senator Anton Belyakov from the central Russian Vladimir region. Belyakov […]


EU agrees to buy more US gas if Trump scraps tariffs – report

By ethan / May 17, 2018

Europe will buy more liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US if President Donald Trump agrees to cancel the heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum producers, RIA Novosti reports quoting its source in the EU. In late March, the US imposed duties on imports of steel and aluminum at rates of 25 and 10 percent […]


Russia scraps ban on Turkish tomatoes

By ethan / April 27, 2018

Russia has agreed to end the ban on Turkish tomatoes, a key sector of the country’s agriculture. The move from Moscow comes amid improving relations with Ankara. The ban will officially stop on May 1. Under the new agreement, Turkey will be allowed to export up to 50,000 tons of tomatoes to Russia per year. […]


Australia’s Northern Territory scraps fracking ban

By ethan / April 18, 2018

Australia’s Northern Territory has removed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing introduced two years ago while the state’s government assessed the potential impacts of fracking on the environment. Now, the assessment has been completed and the conclusion is that the Northern Territory can avoid the worst of the environmental effects of fracking by strictly regulating the […]


Russian 4th largest city scraps direct mayoral elections

By ethan / April 4, 2018

The city of Ekaterinburg in Russia’s Urals has scrapped direct mayoral elections prompting mass protests. Now instead of a popular vote, the mayor in the fourth largest Russian city will be elected by the city council members. The lawmakers of Sverdlovsk region (where Ekaterinburg is located) voted by 42-4 to abolish direct elections on Tuesday.  […]


Navalny suffers latest election blow as Supreme Court body scraps complaint

By ethan / January 26, 2018

Opposition activist Alexey Navalny suffered a further blow to his hopes of running in Russia’s 2018 presidential election, after the Supreme Court Presidium dismissed a complaint seeking to override the ban on his participation. The decision not to look into Navalny’s complaint was taken on January 22, but information about this was released only on […]


Tillerson scraps State Dept. sanctions office after Russia deadline missed – report

By ethan / October 27, 2017

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has reportedly scrapped an office within the State Department that coordinated foreign sanctions policy. Sanctions have long served as a pillar of Washington’s foreign policy toward Iran, North Korea and Russia. The sanctions office was shuttered after the Trump administration missed an October 1 deadline to apply new penalties […]

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